A Free Sampling Strategy for Consultants

On the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast, I teach you how to increase your profits and enjoy your business more. In this episode, you’ll learn how to use a free sampling strategy to grow your business.

Free sampling is basically giving things away for free as a way to grow your business. It’s not for everyone, and you need to be careful with this strategy (especially if you attract a lot of lookie-loos or end up giving away a lot of your energy).

But when done judiciously, it can help you grow your business exponentially (there’s a world-renowned corporation that uses this strategy to great effect).

When you give away information and share your expertise, it helps grow the know, like, trust factor for you and makes people want to learn more about your business. You can establish yourself as an expert brand and a go-to place for advice and consultations when people are ready to hire you.

Key areas discussed in this episode:

  • Who should use a free sampling strategy and who shouldn’t
  • How consultants can use this strategy without burning out and giving away too much for free
  • How to give things away for free in a way that helps people decide to work with you
  • What to give away and what not to
  • Why you can afford to give away highly-valuable information that recipients can actually use
  • The one key thing your freebie should be to actually grow your business
  • How to start implementing this strategy

You’re here to make money. Plenty of people will benefit from your free stuff and possibly never work with you. But giving things away free can help some people realize that they need to work with you, and that’s why we do it.

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