AI Art & Ethics

AI Art & Ethics

with guests Jenna Soard and Tatiana EL-Khouri

“People can take their imagination and create images that once they were not able to because their artistic skill wasn’t there.” – Tatiana EL-Khouri.

With OpenAI and ChatGPT, technology has made the biggest leap since the invention of the Internet. AI art, in particular, is democratizing the ability to make art.

But what is AI art, what are the ethics behind it, and how can you use it in your business? We dive in on this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting with guests Jenna Soard and Tatiana EL-Khouri.

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:25 What is AI art?
  • 5:08 An artist’s take on why AI art is important for her
  • 7:30 Ethical questions around AI art and how AI is disrupting the art world
  • 11:17 What Jenna would say to an artist who feels like AI is ripping off their work
  • 17:16 How AI art allows people who don’t often see themselves represented to be reflected back to themselves
  • 19:34 How Tatiana and Jenna are using AI to make their art right now
  • 27:18 Orienting towards growth instead of feeling threatened by AI
  • 29:46 How Tatiana is using this tool to help her create wild fantasy portraits
  • 30:50 How to create the prompts you need to get what you want out of AI
  • 36:28 Making vision boards with AI art
  • 41:07 Chaos and opportunities with AI art



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