Allocating Your Time Well in Your Business

Allocating Your Time Well In Your Business

“This question puts you in touch with what you really want to be doing.”

Do you ever look back on the week and wonder where all your time went? 

Do you have projects and passions you want to pursue but can’t because you don’t have enough time? Where does all that time go? 

This week I’m exploring two questions that are so informative – and frustrating! 

Informative because they reveal something that should be obvious: where you’re wasting time. And frustrating, because it’s much harder to do something about this than just to be aware of it.

But, once you’re aware, you will be so motivated to make changes. 

I’ve been working with my clients on where they are spending too much and too little time and have distilled down what I believe would be helpful for you to focus on as well. In this one, I share exactly what I see consultants spending too much time on and not enough time doing – find out if the same is true for you!

Key points:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 04:50 This email could have been a meeting
  • 07:59 Is this an actual strategy or a comfort zone?
  • 08:23 Are you getting ROI from DIY?
  • 11:08 How to set boundaries that prevent exhaustion
  • 15:47 Differentiating the “supposed-tos” from what works for your business
  • 20:08 One good benchmark for visibility
  • 22:15 Thinking about how to grow your business
  • 25:03 Choosing a single growth initiative for the year

The power and the pleasure of asking questions like these is you have this knowing inside of you, and it’s just a matter of creating a line of communication for the answers to come through to you.



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