Bring Your Inner Child to Work

Bring Your Inner Child to Work

with Christopher Carrick

If you want to get to the next level of your business, you have to ask yourself: what would I have to change or let go of? What’s in the way? Often people are engaged in self-sabotage or blocked in another way.

When you connect with your Inner Child, you can surface the gifts you’ve suppressed, lost, or buried. You can start to understand the unhealthy coping mechanisms the Child developed a long time ago, and how that’s impacting your work. You can move through obstacles and understand opportunities.

It’s not traditional, but archetypes and spirituality can be powerful tools for entrepreneurs. Learn more about how to bring your Inner Child to work (and why you should) in this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting with Spiritual Director, Christopher Carrick.

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:50 Why the Inner Child archetype is relevant to entrepreneurs
  • 5:32 What’s really helpful (but counterintuitive) for entrepreneurs and their Inner Children
  • 9:29 How to create a little separation so you can understand what’s your Inner Child and what’s your adult self
  • 11:47 My relationship with my Inner Child
  • 15:17 Moving through obstacles in business with the help of your Inner Child
  • 17:46 Bringing the Inner Child and adult self into balance
  • 19:51 How to be more creative in your business
  • 20:54 How we break through into new ideas
  • 27:49 Vulnerability in your business
  • 30:42 Ways to recognize that your Inner Child is showing up
  • 35:47 Some of Christopher’s success stories working with clients on the Child archetype

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