Build Your Business With A Team

On the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast, I teach you how to increase your profits and enjoy your business more. In this episode, you’ll learn how to build your business with a team.

You are the talent in your business. You’re the genius. Everything we can do to take care of you and free you up to do your genius thing is what we want to do.

One way to do that is with a team. Working with a team can help you grow your business – even if you’ve been bootstrapping and feel like you don’t need a team.

Here are key areas covered in this episode:

  • The trap many capable consultants fall into, how it keeps you from growing, and how to get out of it!
  • When you should consider bringing on a team or, if you already have somebody helping you out, when you should consider expanding your team.
  • A team can (and should) support you in doing more of your genius work, and work that is joyful for you. That’s the reason you’re in business after all, not to answer customer service emails. I share ways to use your team so you can stay in your Joy & Genius Zone.
  • Limiting beliefs that sabotage you from hiring a supportive team (including the big one: I can’t afford it!) and how to break through them.
  • If you’re not getting ROI from your team, you’re not using them right. I share what they need to be doing so that you can get a return and be more profitable.
  • There are four kinds of tasks in your business. I share how to figure out which ones to delegate and which ones to keep. I also have an awesome worksheet that you can use to determine what you should delegate in your business. Get it here:

When you have a terrific team, you get to constantly build new supportive beliefs like: “I can rely on people. My team makes me a better version of myself.” Those are the beliefs that I want you to nurture and cultivate in yourself. And if you do so, I know you’ll be a more profitable and joyful business owner.



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