Business Archetypes– How I Use Them with Consultants

Archetypes are aspects of ourselves that we can call on when needed to grow our brand, deliver amazing work to clients and run our businesses. I often see Queen, Father, Inner Child, and Saboteur, as well as Addict, Rebel and, as I discussed on this episode of my podcast, Hermit.

Each of us has several archetypes – some in common and some uniquely our own.

Christopher Carrick and I use Caroline Myss’s book, Sacred Contracts, for this work. The index (you’ll find it at that link) contains a list of archetypes and definitions. Although you can use the index, we find it fun and helpful to get the card deck so you can lay them out, group them, and interact with your archetypes better.

Myss recommends you select 12 that resonate most with you. She believes we all have a Core Four in common: Saboteur, Victim, Prostitute, and some version of Child. So really, we’re just choosing 8. The process is much more intuitive than scientific, and yet …

It has yielded immeasurable insights and self-discoveries for us and for our clients.

You can contact us for more information to get started or just:

  • Check your library for the book or buy it.
  • Purchase the cards on Amazon or Hay House
  • Use this online appendix instead of cards. It’s not ALL the archetypes in the world but rather a good selection to get you started.
Be sure to check out Christopher’s and my episodes on the Saboteur Archetype, Hermit and watch for upcoming ones as well.

What archetypes are in your circle of 12?