Case Study Crossing the Million-Dollar Mark with Kerry

On the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast, I teach you how to increase your profits and enjoy your business more. In this episode, you’ll learn how my client Kerry, an IT consultant, crossed the million dollar mark.

Kerry has been with me for a journey across the million dollar mark. I know people are always curious – how do you get to $1M in your business? – so I had Kerry break it down for you in this episode.

People associate growth with the number of hours worked, and I do my best to disabuse my clients of that notion. It’s truly not about working more, it’s about working smarter.

When Kerry first came to me, she and her team were exhausted. They were working the absolute maximum numbers they could work. They were fried and they were sad because they were missing out on other things that really matter, like their families. Their success was unsustainable, and they needed to do things a different way.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 0:40 Why it’s not about hard work (and what it’s about instead)
  • 1:27 How a perfect client profile brings perfect clients into being
  • 2:55 How Kerry shifted from being fried to working exclusively in her Joy and Genius Zone™
  • 4:32 Why the traditional consulting model didn’t work for Kerry’s firm
  • 6:26 Exactly what Kerry believes made the biggest difference
  • 7:25 How Kerry would structure revenue if she started over
  • 8:12 The key difference maker (besides the revenue model)
  • 9:12 The results of Kerry’s work with Samantha
  • 10:56 The biggest intangible benefits to Kerry – thinking bigger
  • 11:42 Kerry talks about the idea of being limitless
  • 12:38 Kerry grew her revenue 70% to take her business across the million-dollar mark – during the pandemic
  • 14:06 The top three lessons Kerry has learned from her business’ growth
  • 14:42 The surprising reaction Kerry’s customers had to the new pricing model
  • 15:18 What Kerry learned about herself and what she would tell her former self



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