Case Studies: How We Get Clients Results

Cheryl Started at $3000/Day and Now Sells Million-Dollar Engagements

Do you have to set up your business like all other consultants do? What about marketing – must it be the same as everyone’s? In this video Lean HR Consultant Cheryl Jekiel shares how she was able to forge her own unique path, create Signature Systems and work with million-dollar clients.

Kerry Crossed the $1M Mark During COVID

How do you leave behind hourly billing and burnout? Watch to see how IT Consultant Kerry Peters started selling high-ticket packages, including a $480,000 engagement – all while protecting her time and energy.

From Hourly to Six-Figure Clients

While “ego death” sounds scary, Fractional CFO Patty Lawrence of TurboExecs says it was her key to freedom. Watch the clip to hear how she let go of her need to do it all, trusted her team, and began to offer complete solutions her clients valued enough to invest over $100K for.

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▪ Clarity about how to structure your consulting work for maximum results and profits

▪ The language to position and sell the transformational results you get

▪ And even a draft of your 6-figure offer!

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