Consulting Websites: The Definitive Resource

Consulting Websites: The Definitive Resource

“When your perfect clients come to your homepage, I want them to say "I’m in the right place.”

Let’s talk about websites for consultants. What do you need to include? What do you need to leave out? What does each page need to have on it? In this episode, we’ll go through exactly what you need to do to have a consulting website that will help you land clients.

I was so excited to get this question from a viewer.

“How do I turn my website from an expensive online brochure into something that’s actually getting me consulting clients?”

I cannot believe that in over 200 episodes, I’ve never talked about websites! Websites absolutely help us get clients in two key ways:

1. Discovery. People will go into a search engine, Google you, or find a directory or a reference to you and land upon your website, and that’s the way that they discover that you exist.

2. Learn more. They’ve heard about you somewhere and want to check you out. So they go to your website to do that.

Either way, if your website isn’t optimized for current or potential clients, you could be leaving some serious $$$ on the table. Today, I’m digging into websites with my comprehensive guide. Make some of these tweaks and watch your consulting business shift in your favor. BTW you’re going to want to watch ‘til the end because I’m dropping some BONUS advanced tips to catapult your success.

Key Takeaways:

  • 00:37 How to Get Clients through Your Website
  • 01:39 Outlining Your Website
  • 03:08 Navigation Bar Tips
  • 04:06 Creating a Contact Form
  • 06:09 Optimizing the Blog Section
  • 08:07 Creating a Lead Magnet
  • 09:52 How to Attract Clients through the Services Page
  • 12:43 Writing Your About Page
  • 16:01 The Key to a Powerful Homepage
  • 21:08 DIY or Outsource Your Site?
  • 24:28 Search Engine Optimization
  • 26:30 Bonus Tips!