Financial Principles for Consultants

Financial Principles for Consultants

with Jenifer Sapel

“Being good with money is having a set of skills, and none of us are good at any skill until we use it and we practice it.” – Jenifer Sapel

What financial principles do you need to know both as a consultant and as a woman entrepreneur?

Most of my clients are women, and a lot of them are reluctant to talk about money. They’ve always delegated that to someone else or expected someone else to do it. Then, they find themselves as grown-ups who need to learn how to get their financial act together.

Listen: I want you to be rich. I want you to have choices when it comes to money, and it’s super important to me that you are flourishing financially. And the more you know about money, the more financially free you can get.

Tune in to this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting with guest Jenifer Sapel to learn how to take care of your money (and yourself with that money).

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:55 The importance of paying yourself as a business owner
  • 4:43 Jenifer’s work as a financial advisor for high-earning women
  • 6:39 The biggest risks for an individual’s financial situation
  • 8:14 Why women usually come to Jenifer
  • 11:00 Why talking about money makes us feel so insecure and weird 
  • 11:40 Basic financial literacy
  • 15:45 How Jenifer took a client from scarcity to smart decisions for her future
  • 18:57 Going from saver to investor with three different investment options
  • 21:10 Active investing versus passive investing
  • 22:30 Investing in alignment with your ethics
  • 27:23 Taking a non-patriarchal view of your portfolio performance
  • 29:54 Defining success and a good life for yourself
  • 32:07 Where to start when it comes to improving your financial health
  • 37:50 One of the things that stops us from making progress with our money
  • 41:05 How to choose a financial professional to work with



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