Financial Skills For Consultants

Financial Skills For Consultants

What financial skills do consultants need to run their businesses properly?

In the last episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting on “consulting skills,” I included “math” as a core skill consultants need to have. In this episode, I’m expanding on that conversation to share how to develop fluency around money in your business, know your numbers, and feel empowered with your money.

Money often feels like one of those things you’re either good with, or you’re not. But financial skills can be learned — and they have to be, if you want to build a truly profitable and joyful consultancy. Dive in below.

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 0:00 Introduction to financial skills for consultants
  • 2:21 You can get better with money!
  • 4:17 How to set your money structures up the right way
  • 8:25 Why it’s essential to pay yourself a salary (even if you do an owner’s draw of profits)
  • 12:31 The magic of (metaphorically) signing your own checks
  • 14:31 Understanding the energetics of your expenses
  • 16:30 The most important thing you can do financially in your business
  • 21:42 Reverse engineering your marketing plan based on your numbers
  • 28:10 My “grandma” (but important) money advice for you
  • 30:11 Why you should have “kept back” money
  • 31:50 Building a habit of gifting money to your future self
  • 33:25 Developing fluency with money as one of the most important personal development journeys we have as business owners and women

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