Find Your Next 5 Consulting Clients

Find Your Next 5 Consulting Clients

“The answer to this question tells you what is working for you in your marketing.”

Ready for more clients? What if I told you that you already know exactly what to do to get more of them?

It’s so much easier to replicate success than it is to pioneer a new path. But how do you know what “success” to replicate? Ask good questions.

True to the theme for this season, I share in this episode a powerful question I use all the time to simplify marketing planning and help consultants get clients faster.

Fun fact: I even created an entire 24-lesson course from this question!

In this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting, I reveal a simple way to predict where your next 5 clients will come from, making it easier for you to get into action and go get them.

Key points:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:11 How I turned the answers to this question into a 24-lesson course
  • 04:07 What you’re really looking for when you dig deeper into this question
  • 05:35 Create intentionality around referrals
  • 06:52 The risk to your business of sole source lead gen
  • 08:20 What the pandemic taught about getting clients
  • 10:25 The perfect number to build your pipeline of potential clients
  • 13:12 The fastest way to get new clients
  • 14:10 How your next clients will find you

Taking information you learn from a very simple question can help you create marketing strategies that work for your business.



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