Get More Referrals without Hounding Clients

Get More Referrals without Hounding Clients

“I want you to think of referrals as a bonus – a gift from the Universe. They’re a gift from people who are around you.”

Season 18 is all about answering your questions. I really enjoyed this one.

“My frustration is growing referrals without hounding my clients. I ask annually or immediately after we hit a success milestone. I still need more referrals. Surprisingly, they do not provide many. I send them a list of their connections on LinkedIn to generate initial ideas, but they seldom turn out to be solid referrals. I also receive a lot of referrals to people who cannot pay. They typically are unemployed or leaving their current job and cannot pay out of pocket. It is frustrating.”

That IS super frustrating. How do you get more referrals without hounding clients? My answer today includes some … tough love.

Key Takeaways:

  • 04:53 When and Why People Give Referrals
  • 08:21 Creating Referral Partnerships
  • 09:16 Three Action Steps to Take Today
  • 13:41 How to Get Clear on Perfect Referral Clients