Heart-Based Selling

Heart-Based Selling

“If you have love and have empathy for and excitement about your audience, then you can love sales and enroll the people who are absolutely the best possible fit for you.”

So many consultants are repulsed by selling and struggle to make it feel good to them. They think of it as a necessary evil. When they do that, they miss out on everything that is possible with a different point of view.

Selling truly is one of my favorite parts of my business. I love making a meaningful heart connection with potential clients, and I want to take the opportunity to give to them generously, whether they end up working with me or not.

That’s what heart-based selling is really about. Dive into heart-based selling – and how to fall a little more in love with sales – in this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting.

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:41 What I love about selling
  • 2:32 The client who said “The Universe tells me I have a $2 million business”
  • 4:00 What you’re really doing when someone comes to you in a sales situation
  • 5:04 What objections are about (and why they don’t have anything to do with you)
  • 6:02 Having non-attachment in the sales process
  • 6:26 Why sticker shock is okay (and where we go from there)
  • 7:01 How heart-based selling can bring the right people to you and help you show them their potential
  • 9:10 Empathy and listening in the sales process
  • 14:10 The magical thing I do before sales calls
  • 15:14 The secret sauce of my heart-based selling process
  • 19:44 The behavior-changing mindset shift you must make



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