How I Started and Grew My Consulting Business

How I Started and Grew My Consulting Business

with Sani Nielsen

On the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast, I teach you how to increase your profits and enjoy your business more.

In this special 100th episode, you’ll learn how I started and grew my consulting business, as well as some of my favorite tips to make yours more profitable and joyful. Joining me for the conversation is consultant, copywriter, and message strategist Sani Nielsen to interview my journey out of me.

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 2:40 How I started getting my feet wet in the business world with a background in the arts
  • 6:21 The tipping point that pushed me to leave my corporate job 
  • 8:39 Why you should never burn your bridges when you leave corporate
  • 9:37 How I managed the drastic shift from corporate to self-employment
  • 11:28 How to approach networking to grow your business
  • 15:40 How I moved through imposter syndrome as I started my business
  • 20:30 How I transformed my business from in-person to online in the early 2010’s
  • 21:50 Starting to do transformational engagements
  • 22:54 Implementing specific systems so I could rest in order to refocus
  • 26:38 What my business looks like now and how I got it to this point
  • 28:25 Business as spiritual work
  • 30:52 The huge secret I revealed that transformed my business
  • 42:26 Whom I turned to for guidance and support on the journey
  • 48:08 One critical tip for listeners who want to build profitable and joyful businesses

🎉 And in honor of this milestone, be sure to download “My Favorite Takeaways from 100 Shows,” here.



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