How to Add $100K in a Single Offer

What’s the biggest barrier faced by consultants looking to sell $100K engagements?


I can teach systems and tactics all day to help you grow. But what will really help you blow past revenue limits is an expanded mindset about what’s possible.

In this short video (originally a Facebook live, hence the grainy quality and conversation with attendees), I revealed a technique I use with my clients to help them expand into a bigger vision of themselves.

I say “revealed” not because it’s a hot marketing term, but because I really debated sharing something I use with private clients.

Not because I only want people to pay for it. But because it is really powerful, and sometimes things that are free don’t get valued.

Take a moment to view the 7-minute video here.

(I know, some people hate video. Why can’t I just read it? Because it’s more effective to see and hear it.)

Anyway, I’ve been really surprised by the response to the video’s content. I would love to know what stands out most to you.

I made this video way back in 2017 but it’s just as relevant today as it was then.