How to Build a Pipeline of Clients with David Strausser

How to Build a Pipeline of Clients

with David Strausser

OHow to create your own pipeline of leads for your business with David Struasser 👇

The only way your business is going to work is if you bring in new clients. For some people, generating leads is a challenge and other people rock at it. Either way, this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting about creating your own pipeline of leads is for you – so you can bring in new business without just being dependent upon referrals.

Learn how to create an ongoing steady flow of leads in your consulting business in this episode with David Strausser.

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:20 How David began his career
  • 8:47 David’s key to networking
  • 13:55 How to get people into the room at an event
  • 17:03 How to follow up on the connections you make and turn them into business
  • 22:02 What drove David to leave consulting and start to work for a company
  • 25:05 Following your heart and choosing fulfillment
  • 26:00 Putting yourself into places where you can maximize success
  • 27:08 Building a powerful personal brand
  • 30:11 How David launched and grew his podcast, Shark Bite Biz, as part of his personal brand
  • 33:30 What David has learned over almost 170 episodes of his podcast
  • 34:35 Business themes David sees emerging from conversations with guests

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