How To Develop Confidence As A Consultant

How To Develop Confidence As A Consultant

with Sani Nielsen

On the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast, I teach you how to increase your profits and enjoy your business more. In this episode, you’ll learn how to grow your confidence with Message Strategist Sani Nielsen.

As a consultant, you’re a deep expert in your field. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t experience doubt – in yourself, your work, and maybe even your expertise. Worse, many talented women struggle with imposter syndrome which affects them when they try to get more clients, go bigger online, or raise their prices. 

Confidence is critical to creating a profitable, joyful consulting business. It transforms you from the inside, and it’s attractive and magnetic in your marketing. The good news is, confidence can absolutely be learned. Learn how to build it for yourself in this episode.

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 3:05 How Sani helped her client Donna go from frozen with fear to landing two more speaking engagements by telling her story
  • 4:44 How to connect with your audience, get them engaged, and share your message
  • 7:21 One of the key things to focus on to build your confidence
  • 11:58 The four essential steps to building confidence
  • 25:34 The energy level aspect to confidence
  • 27:24 Why some clients can charge $150k for their services and some can only charge $40k
  • 34:38 How to find ways to be okay with being confident (no matter what other people think of you)

  • 37:22 Creating intentionality around confidence



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