How to know if YOUR genius zone is what they need

How to know if YOUR genius zone is what they need

“How do I know my genius zone is what people need? Find out what’s out there, what they’ve tried, and whether you have a way to solve a problem that is relevant, resonates with them and makes sense.”

This season, I’m answering listener questions. Today’s is: How do I know my genius zone is what people need and how do I find my offerings and hone them and simplify them?

First of all, these are great questions. I’m going to share with you some various ways that you can figure out what your genius is, and how it aligns and compares to what’s out there. And then, specifically, share how to know which parts to turn into in-demand offerings.

Before we dive in, I want to acknowledge that your uncertainty is what makes being a consultant scary. Do people need what I do? Does the market need it? Are there gaps? Figuring out what’s available in the market from others is a natural part of self-discovery and also market research.

Take time to network with other consultants to find out who’s out there and what they’re offering. That will help you get not just an eye into what the market is and what’s available, but also connect you to other people who are doing the work. They’ll reflect back to you what’s possible, as well as the unique part of your genius to tap into.

Pro tip: If you meet someone doing something completely different, it doesn’t mean your idea is wrong, it means there’s space for you to do your thing. You might meet others doing what you do, but they’ll never be doing it how you’re doing it. There’s no one else who is you! So press play on this episode and get the support you need.

Key Takeaways:

  • 01:47 Benefits of Local Networking
  • 03:02 Multiple Ways to Solve the Same Problem
  • 05:15 Do People Need My Genius Zone?
  • 08:32 Case Study: Sharon