How To Make Change Happen For Your Clients

How To Make Change Happen For Your Clients

How can you change your clients’ behavior when you don’t have any power over them? Influence! Learn how to be a better consultant by getting better at influencing people. 👇

One of the eight main consulting skills is influence.

We obviously don’t have the power to force anyone to do anything, and as consultants our strength is our objectivity, perspective, and outsiderness as well as our expertise. That means we can only influence what’s going to happen.

So how do you create change in other people, and in yourself? How do you create change in organizations? How do you influence the behavior of people?

Explore in this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting as you learn how to grow your influence skills.

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 0:00 What influence is and why it matters for consultants
  • 0:40 How to influence people on your team to align around common goals (especially when they may be freelancers or contractors)
  • 4:14 Reflecting on ways you’ve changed your own behavior and how you get influenced to change
  • 5:50 Three examples from my life that have a lot to teach us about influence
  • 15:08 A requirement for anyone who wants behavior change
  • 18:11 Understanding the gap between where your clients are and where they want to be
  • 18:57 Why we don’t always need to market to pain
  • 20:35 The key things to do in the middle of your work with clients
  • 22:56 What to remind your clients of when things get hard
  • 25:34 What influence is really about

Influence is a consulting skill that comes up as an opportunity you can practice every single day.

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