How to Network with Susan RoAne

On the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast, I teach you how to increase your profits and enjoy your business more. In this episode, you’ll learn how to use networking to grow your business.

Some consultants dread networking, some consultants love it. But the fact is, networking is a marketing strategy that can help you grow your business exponentially when you do it right. 

A lot of people think networking is just working a room – mixing, mingling, introducing ourselves to people and introducing them to each other. But according to networking expert Susan RoAne, the actual networking is the follow-up that we do. And that’s where the real magic lies. 

Tune into this episode to discover how to become a “savvy” networker and grow your consulting business with networking. 

Key areas discussed in this episode:

  • Susan’s tips to get the most out of networking and never write off a potentially powerful connection again
  • I share my most jaw-dropping networking story and my favorite technique, pinball networking
  • Easy ways to bond with strangers and make genuine connections
  • The effect of having an agenda – to find clients, for example – on your networking results
  • Part of networking is matchmaking and connecting other people. Susan shares how to become more of a connector
  • It’s 2021 – do we really need business cards?
  • The difference between a good networker and a “savvy” networker, and what higher-level networkers know and do that others don’t
  • How to follow up with new connections so they become clients


About the Guest:

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