How to Structure Your Work

How to Structure Your Work

On the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast, I teach you how to increase your profits and enjoy your business more. In this episode, you’ll learn how to structure your work week for a more profitable, joyful business.

One of the biggest insights I ever got was about how to structure my consulting business for maximum profitability, joy, efficiency, and consistent lead flow. This was a revolutionary idea for me when I first heard it, and it’s been life-changing for many of my clients, too.

So many consultants take 100% of their working hours and dedicate them to the clients they’re working with – just like they did when they were employees. But the busier you get and the more time you dedicate to working with clients, the less time you have to do anything else in your business that needs to be done. There’s a better way to do things, and I share it with you in this episode.

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 00:53 How most consultants structure their work week and why it doesn’t work
  • 1:15 A new way to work that will help you ensure you don’t overwork in some areas and underwork in other areas
  • 2:00 What it actually looks like to structure you work in a new way 
  • 4:57 How things would shift in your business if you implemented this structure
  • 7:00 The first step to get started structuring your new work week (I’m pretty sure this step alone is going to get you some epiphanies right off the bat)

Many consultants, especially in the beginning, dream of having their calendar filled with client meetings. They want to have a lot of clients and want to spend a lot of time working with them because that’s what they love. That’s great, but that’s just the kind of thing that can pull you into having a business that’s burning you out and not really taking care of you.



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