How to Turn Your Passion into a Business

How to Turn Your Passion into a Business

with Matteo di Pascale and Andrea Binasco

“I believe that if you go with what you really want to do without compromise, then you are going to sell more.” – Matteo di Pascale

Is it okay for you to make tons of money doing what you love?

I’m very much about passion fueling your work. Bringing your heart into your work and using your God-given talents through your business is profitable and joyful — and I want you to make tons of money bringing forth your gifts.

But not everyone feels that way. Tune in to this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting with Italian entrepreneurs and artists Matteo di Pascale and Andrea Binasco to learn how to bring your heart into your business and be okay making money from your passions.

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 3:57 The birth of Matteo and Andrea’s publishing house Sefirot from their two passions
  • 8:16 Selling out: the conflict between art and commerce
  • 11:28 The origin story of Matteo and Andrea’s Intùiti creativity cards
  • 20:11 Dedicating yourself to your gifts
  • 21:36 Saying yes to your intuition
  • 22:17 How Matteo created the concepts for the cards
  • 23:25 Andrea’s role in the cards and how he uses them now
  • 25:17 Creating Fabula, a deck of cards to help people get clear on the stories they want to tell
  • 29:44 The role of each partner in their business collaboration
  • 34:00 How their brand has evolved
  • 36:41 The challenge of bringing in team members
  • 39:18 Balancing work with passion projects — even when you love your work!
  • 45:06 Supporting team members in feeling more fulfilled



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