How You Can Work with Perfect Fit Clients at the Right Level

How You Can Work with Perfect Fit Clients at the Right Level

A “perfect client” is not about value judgments about anybody here. It’s really about who is best
suited to receive from you.

What if you could expand your services without requiring any more of your precious time or energy? Oh you can. When you focus on perfect clients – perfect in size and needs – and provide just the right value, business expansion is almost inevitable. 

In this episode, we’ll assess clients’ needs and how to align with the level that suits your expertise. You’ll learn how to find opportunities to sell your services to organizations, instead of individuals. I share how to transition from B2C executive coaching to B2B consulting engagements, and how this unlocks massive growth. Plus, we’ll discover the magic of next-level clients who can elevate your expertise like no others.

Key points:

  • 02:31 Expanding through Working with Perfect Clients at the Right Level
  • 04:14 Expanding through Selling to Organizations
  • 06:08 Taking B2C Services to B2B Clients
  • 09:57 The Value of Mid-Sized Companies
  • 16:00 Recognizing Next-Level Clients
  • 21:45 Expanding with Perfect Fit Clients