Navigating Expansion: Challenges, Ambivalence, And Intentional Growth Strategies

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Navigating Expansion: Challenges, Ambivalence, And Intentional Growth Strategies

What identity do you need to have to expand into that next thing?”

A new year, a new season of Profitable Joyful Consulting, and a new theme. This season, we’re tackling all things expansion: the challenges, the downsides and how to determine if expansion is right for you.

In this first episode of the season, we’ll explore the very real fear that pops up when we even think about expanding in our lives and business, help you get more intentional about how and where you want to grow, and I’ll even walk you through an exercise that will help you take that next powerful step into the business and life you really want.

Key points:

  • 02:05 Physical Exercise
  • 05:11 Challenges and Downsides of Expansion
  • 08:16 Expansion = Vulnerability
  • 10:55 Grounding and Support in Expansion

If you’re even considering personal or professional expansion in your life and business in 2024, I invite you to join me for this empowering episode.

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