Navigating Expansion: Challenges, Ambivalence, And Intentional Growth Strategies

Navigating Expansion: Challenges, Ambivalence, And Intentional Growth Strategies

What identity do you need to have to expand into that next thing?”

A new year, a new season of Profitable Joyful Consulting, and a new theme. This season, we’re tackling all things expansion: the challenges, the downsides and how to determine if expansion is right for you.

In this first episode of the season, we’ll explore the very real fear that pops up when we even think about expanding in our lives and business, help you get more intentional about how and where you want to grow, and I’ll even walk you through an exercise that will help you take that next powerful step into the business and life you really want.

Key points:

  • 02:05 Physical Exercise
  • 05:11 Challenges and Downsides of Expansion
  • 08:16 Expansion = Vulnerability
  • 10:55 Grounding and Support in Expansion

If you’re even considering personal or professional expansion in your life and business in 2024, I invite you to join me for this empowering episode.

It’s a dynamic from nature, expansion and contraction. It’s what our lungs do when we breathe. It’s what we naturally do as humans. When we grow, we put ourselves out there. We freak ourselves out a little bit and we come scurrying right back to where we were again. That dynamic is one that I want us to be aware of because if we are not, then it works on us. If we are, then we can work with it.

Years ago, I had a buddy named Neil. I was talking about doubling my business and wanting to do more. He said, “Be careful what you ask for. We doubled and it nearly killed us.” I was like, “Shut up. I’m doing it.” When I flashed forward to the year that I did double my business, it was great. It took three years after that of like, “I’m going to work with what we have.”

This is a good thing for you to keep in mind. Do you want to expand? Do you want to expand your business? In what ways do we grow versus expand? Growth can be a lot of internal processes and things that we do. Expansion is extending ourselves. It’s extending into new markets, new areas, new fields, new networks, and new relationships.

It reminds me of the words of a friend of mine, Taki Moore, who said, “We want the yay without the boo.” When we think about expansion, what’s the yay of expansion? Tons of cool stuff. It’s more clients, more money, and more whatever you want. What might that be? That might be fame, power, accolades, awards, opportunities, partnerships, love, good reviews, and connections. It is all of the things that we want that expansion might bring us.

Expand in Alignment With Your Values

It’s not a given that you should expand. Why do we have to? You may feel like, “I want to match what my corporate salary was,” or, “I feel called to reach more people.” Those are both good reasons to expand, but remember that if you get to a certain level of your business and you feel happy with where you are, you don’t have to keep expanding. The pursuit of more is internalized capitalism. We don’t have to identify with that.

I want you when you’re deciding, whether to expand and how to expand your business to always be in touch with your values. What are the things that you value most? Can you expand in alignment with those values? For example, one of my values is freedom. I’m not willing to expand my business in a way that is going to impact my ability to have choices and be free in the business. I’ve been stuck in crap work situations before and I don’t intend to create one for myself.

When you’re deciding whether to expand and how to expand your business, always be in touch with your values.

Another consideration for whether you should expand is if you truly want to expand but you find that something is holding you back. I’ve met many women consultants who have hit a revenue ceiling. They’ve gotten as high as they can go in their revenues and are like, “I want to expand past this, but I find I hit this barrier.”

Expand in Alignment With Your Values