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A young man had just gotten a job cleaning windows. “Be sure to clean the corners carefully,” his boss told him. It seemed odd to the boy, since the center of the window was the part people looked through.

“Yes,” said the older man, “but if you do a thorough job on the corners, you can be sure the center will be clean as that’s the easiest part!”

I read a book last year that made a similar point. It resonated so much with me that I felt compelled to implement it in all areas of my life.

The authors ask a simple question:

What’s the ONE Thing you can do that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?

Answering that question? Not so simple.

  • After lots of discernment, I had to eliminate all the things competing for my attention and acknowledge just a few of the activities I was doing created most of the results in my business.
  • For example, in my daily self-care, the one thing I could do that made the biggest difference to my feeling my best was to walk my dog every afternoon. By doing so, I left my office at a reasonable hour, got time outside walking or hiking, enjoyed “dog time / God time” and was able to relax and process.
  • For me personally, that time is more effective at clearing my mind than traditional meditation (I consider it walking meditation), and more rejuvenating than any other kind of break. It’s my one thing that makes everything else easier or unnecessary.
  • In my work this year, I chose a theme for the year – focus – and then one thing for the year: list-building. For me this was like cleaning the corners of the windows.
  • Private clients have always been very easy for me to attract, and a favorite thing for me to do is create online programs. What had moved along in fits and starts for me was bringing in new subscribers, so I decided to focus on it knowing …
  • Revenue would come in through clients, and my programs were ready to go. I could just bring new people in the community and the whole thing would grow.

And it did. We more than tripled our list, hitting our annual goal by April, and it’s continued to tick up ever since.

Wow, the power of focusing on one thing!

So in this, the home stretch of the year, what if you focused on just one thing? The one thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

  • One thing from now to year-end
  • One thing for this month
  • One thing for this week
  • One thing for today
  • One thing right now

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