The Pitfalls of Business Partnership

The Pitfalls of Business Partnership

Partnership can be a difficult and risky route to take if you are a woman consultant.

Have you been considering forming a business partnership in your consultancy? Sure, that’s one way to expand your business, but is it the right way? I feel so strongly about this topic that I’ve created a two-part series to provide you with all the information, so you can move forward with your eyes wide open.

In this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting, I am sharing the top reasons why not to seek a partner in your business. You’ll hear some of the dreadful reasons women seek partners and what causes those relationships to crash and burn. Plus, you’ll hear real-life cautionary tales from my personal client files.

Key points:

  • 01:13 Cautionary Tale: Michelle
  • 02:42 Cautionary Tale: Beth
  • 05:20 Why Women Consultants Seek Partnerships
  • 09:09 Alternatives to Forming a Partnership
  • 12:23 Positives to Forming a Partnership
  • 13:50 Reasons Why a Partnership Breaks Down
  • 19:28 Samantha’s Story