Process Mapping for Consultants

Process Mapping for Consultants

with Renée Hasseldine

Learn how to visually communicate your unique value proposition with process models, maps and frameworks 💥

So you have a ton of information in your head that you use to help your clients…but when you try to pull it all out of your brain to create something like a signature program or course, you feel overwhelmed, chaotic, or frantic?

Pulling the information out of your brain is really 90% of the work of a scaled offering, and my guest Renée Hasseldine, founder of multi award-winning visual teaching and proposal system Think RAPT, is here to show you how to do just that.  

Key areas discussed in this episode

    • 0:00 Intro to Renée’s work
    • 1:10 How Renée helped a client go from maxed-out on 1:1 coaching at $300k a year to scaling her business to $1M in just 15 months
    • 4:01 Renée’s four model system, Think RAPT, to pull information out of your brain to create scaled offerings that support more people
    • 9:40 Getting clear on the Results your clients can get from working with you
    • 21:22 The word you should always avoid when you present a Results Model
    • 22:30 The Answers Model to teach your potential client how your work can get them the answers they need
    • 32:37 Developing a Process Model to get results for your clients
    • 39:30 Developing a Target Model to understand and share the benefits of working with you
    • 41:20 All the ways the models can be used to grow your business and increase profit margin

    Together, these four models become the “gift that keeps on giving” in your business. They weave beautifully and tell a story that’s right at the core of your business and your marketing.

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