Self-Care: The Secret Of Successful Consultants

On the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast, I teach you how to increase your profits and enjoy your business more. In this episode, you’ll learn how to create a more profitable and joyful life and business with consistent self-care.

Do you remember several years back when millennials were first of the age that they could start to make their own decisions in their lives?

A lot of them decided instead of going to college or work right away that they would travel. So we had all these millennials who were traveling the world and backpacking, working, or doing freelance work from Thailand. I remember that at the time, the boomers went crazy.

But millennials were reacting against the boomer mindset of spending your whole life working, then traveling when you’re old.

From our Gen X point of view, my husband and I loved what millennials were doing and thought it was awesome! The mindset millennials bring into our world is the opportunity to choose living for now instead of living for later, pursuing joy first, and then working later.

As entrepreneurs, that’s an incredibly important belief for us to look at. You can probably quote me 100 memes right now about how we’re supposed to hustle and grind right now, so we can enjoy our success later. There’s an idea that to have the business and life you want to have, you need to be putting in 60, 80, 100 hours a week.

However: “There’s a huge risk that before you achieve the thing you want to achieve, you burn out.”

If you want to be profitable and joyful, I don’t think that’s the way to work. There are other ways to have a business that create more money and more joy, and that’s what we’re exploring in this episode of the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast.

Listen to this episode to discover:

  • How to shift the belief that earning more money means working more (it doesn’t)
  • What really creates success outside of hustling and grinding
  • How to create routines, rituals and habits that make you your best self in your life and your business
  • How to identify your best self-care strategies
  • The three categories of self-care practices that have a huge impact

Whatever your relationship is with self-care, I think this episode will help inspire a deeper practice to help you thrive in your life and your work. Because when you are not at your best, everyone loses – and when you are at your best, we all win.



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