The Power of Acknowledging Wins: Tips for Clients

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The Power of Acknowledging Wins: Tips for Clients

“Begin to celebrate the things around you and you’re going to see more things to celebrate.”

I always kick off my weekly client meetings with a simple, yet incredibly effective question.

It orients my clients toward success and starts our meetings on a high-vibe note. But what I love most about this question is it’s like a switch that activates a success-seeking mindset for the entire week.

Asking this powerful question of your clients is a clever way to indoctrinate them in succeeding with the work they’re doing with you (as well as helping them understand the value of that work).

This simple question is, “What were your wins since the last time we met?”

Dive into this journey of celebrating wins, fostering resilience, and embracing a mindset primed for growth and success on this week’s episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting.

If you’re concerned that this focus on wins might lead to toxic positivity, I also share how to avoid falling into that trap by acknowledging “failures” as essential stepping stones.

Key points:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:25 The anchor formula for habit change
  • 05:09 Lessons in celebration from dog agility
  • 06:39 Begin this habit and you’ll have more to celebrate
  • 08:08 The catalog that helps you when you’re struggling
  • 09:18 Affirming what’s working in your business
  • 10:02 What is a win?
  • 14:30 Why you need to record and reward progress
  • 16:00 The best time to reflect on your wins

Rewire your brain to celebrate both big and everyday wins, and to appreciate progress with this week’s podcast episode.