The Power of Collaboration: Who, Not How

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The Power of Collaboration: Who, Not How

“Make a master list of every area in your business where you’re asking, "How do I…?" and then write the names of those who can help with that problem.”

Highly capable women are achievers. They’re used to doing IT ALL on their own. And looking good, while they’re at it.

Sound familiar?

It’s probably how you’ve gotten through most of your business and personal life.

That can be a blessing and a curse. Yes, you’re capable. Yes, you’re better than almost everyone else at doing all.the.things. But the problem with swooping in and doing everything on your own is that you end up exhausted.

And that’s not sustainable. It’s also not how to grow a profitable, joyful consultancy.

On this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting, I share the solution I gave to my client just last week when she came to me exhausted asking, “Just tell me how to fix this” to a problem she was having. It may surprise you that the solution I gave her had less to do with the “how” of the problem and more with the “who.”

Key ideas:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:39 How to recognize a martyr complex
  • 04:24 Is it too soon to hire a full-timer?
  • 05:41 Figure out how much help can you afford
  • 8:02 When you’re tempted to DIY, do this instead
  • 9:52 An action step for you to get unstuck and grow in your business and life
  • 12:15 Where to find your “whos”

Tune in to this episode today to hear why working more and working harder is not the answer to fixing your problems and growing your business.