The Power Of Intention For Consultants

On the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast, I teach you how to increase your profits and enjoy your business more. In this episode, you’ll learn how to use the power of intention in your consulting business.

Gary Zukav says, ”Intention is the heart of creating authentic power.” The truth is, there’s so much that we don’t control in running a business. But you can control your attitude and your intentions, and doing so can be a huge source of power in your business.

Key areas discussed in this episode:

  • How to use intentions with your clients to see them get better results.
  • How setting an intention creates energetic alignment. I share several stories of how using the power of intention has created big shifts for me personally and in my business.
  • When we’re being intentional, we’re being very clear about what we want to have happen. I share how I use this practice with my clients in my business.
  • Creating shared authentic power through intentionality.
  • Using intention to manifest your goals.
  • I share an exercise to help you begin using intention in your life and business.

I am confident that building the habit of being more intentional will help you have a more profitable, joyful business, and I hope this episode supports you in getting there.



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