The Transformative Power of Strategic Business Partnerships

The Transformative Power of Strategic Business Partnerships

with Angela Prout and Marnely Murray

You want to know what your potential partner is going to be like when they’re at their worst. – Samantha Hartley

Last week, you heard all of the reasons you should consider not forming a partnership in your consulting business. I shared some of the dreadful reasons women seek partners and what causes those relationships to crash and burn.

If you heard those real-life cautionary tales from my personal client files and you’re still considering a partnership, you’ve come to the right place. In this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting, I talk with two dynamic, successful women who decided to take the partnership leap together almost six years ago. Hear how they got started, how the partnership has changed over the years, and their strategy for expanding their business, even when they don’t agree.

Key points:

  • 02:05 Origin Story
  • 03:59 Complementary Skills & Dating First
  • 08:43 Role Sorting
  • 11:50 Addressing Conflict
  • 16:52 Expressing the Brand Voice  
  • 22:59 Power Struggles
  • 25:09 Who is the Rainmaker?
  • 27:53 Uncomfortable Conversations
  • 30:27 Tips for Starting a Partnership

Partnerships are serious business, so do not wing it.

Marnely Murray and Angela Prout teamed up to create Shored Up Digital after meeting many local business owners who were overwhelmed with their digital marketing initiatives. Marnely and Angela realized that they could leverage their skills and experience to provide businesses and organizations with the tools and resources necessary to bring their online presence to the next level.

Many business owners recognize that they can increase sales and improve their customer relationships by being more active online, but they don’t know where to start, or where exactly to focus their attention. That’s where Shored Up Digital comes in.

Both washashores, Marnely and Angela have collectively called Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod home for over twenty years. They bring a wide range of marketing experience and the ability to understand the needs of small business owners and seasonal destinations, as well as the wants of their diverse customers and discerning visitors. With an exceptional level of enthusiasm, dedication, and a collaborative approach, Shored Up Digital is the effective solution for clients that want to better connect with their audience online.

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