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Are you struggling to figure out the proven and tested methods to grow your business? Everyone wants to work from a place of peace without getting stuck in terms of marketing strategies. In this week’s episode, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of sustainable business growth with guest expert, Robert Middleton.

Part One of ‘How to Maintain Your Business During a Pandemic with Robert Middleton’

For almost 35 years, Robert Middleton has helped self-employed independent professionals get more meetings and land more clients with less struggle and effort.

He works exclusively with business-to-business professionals such as management consultants, business coaches, corporate trainers, speakers, and writers (and often a combination of these). They are great at what they do, love to make a real difference, and often struggle with getting meetings and landing clients.

“You must be creative to make your business sustainable.”

Most successful entrepreneurs today either have started their own business from scratch right after college or left their corporate jobs to do what they are called to do in the marketplace.

When Robert started his first business, he named it Action Plan Systems, built the time management system, and managed workshops.

The majority of the people who attended his seminars came into the realization that it wasn’t time management that they needed help with, but it was with marketing. From there, he started helping people with their marketing.

Since 1986, he has read more than five hundred books about marketing, selling in business, and personal growth. Over the years, he has successfully developed systems, ideas, plans, and models; then he combined everything into a manual called the info guru marketing manual.

He started his first email newsletter in 1997 and was writing something every week. And now, he has written an article every week for twenty-two years.

Part Two of ‘How to Maintain Your Business During a Pandemic with Robert Middleton’

Back in the days, only around two hundred and fifty websites were existing. But now, they went up to two hundred and fifty million, which is a thousand times increase. Thus, it’s a lot harder to find on the internet.

We have to do things differently than we were doing ten years ago. We must connect with people personally more as opposed to just waiting for the business to come in through or through our website. The currency of business marketing is conversations. No conversations, no business.

“Convert a great idea into a reality.” —  Robert Middleton

What comes into your mind when you hear something about marketing and surviving as a business in a time of crisis? Right now, there is no other way to do business than virtual.

If you have great ideas, you can share things through a webinar, be of service, inspire others, offer a solution, and be someone who’s trying to uplift things. You don’t need to wait for a crisis just to be reminded of how crucial it is to be creative and find ways to make sure your business is sustainable.

Instead of using old-school terminologies like marketing and selling, you can use a new word like building business relationships.

Let’s make it more about connecting with people and being visible, whether that’s regarding your content or helping them with whatever you have.

This quarantine period is a fabulous time to reach out since many people are forced to stay at home. Keep in touch with more people, show that you have some real insight into what’s happening and that you have a way forward, then create a mastermind group of your peers without necessarily being competitive and have fun sharing ideas.

About the Guest:

You can connect with Robert here and sign up for his newsletter here: https://actionplan.club/



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