Transform Your Relationship with Money

Transform Your Relationship with Money

“I want you to be rich. I want you to be financially free. I want you to have access to whatever you want in your life.”

One of the topics I get questions about most from my clients and community is money. There’s so much to cover about money, and I’ve covered a lot of it! But I couldn’t possibly expect you to dig through over 200 episodes to find the gold. So I’m here this week to save you time and help you make all the money you’d ever need – and want.

This episode features key moments from five money-centric episodes, each with its own focus: pricing, stepping into your abundance, transforming your business from the revenue rollercoaster to scalable growth, financial skills, and money boundaries. It’s all about money positivity!

So why the focus on money? I call myself a revenue multiplier for my clients, and I know that in order to multiply revenue, we have to educate ourselves about money. Money can provide power, freedom, access, legacy, opportunity, and independence. When you have money, doors fly open for you!

Key Takeaways:

  • 03:22 How to Price Your Consulting Services
  • 07:43 Mindset Exercise: The Million Dollar Dress
  • 10:23 Create Your Transformational Offer
  • 13:19 The Financial Skills Necessary for Consultants
  • 17:00 Establish Internal and External Money Boundaries

If you’re ready to make (and keep) more money than you ever thought possible, this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting is a great start.