Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing Tips

with James Cooper

Get video marketing tips for your consulting business 👇

Video marketing is hot, but some consultants are still reticent to get on video. It’s an amazing way for consultants to demonstrate expertise and attract clients, but it’s daunting. What kinds of videos should you make? Don’t you have to do cheesy dances? What tech do you need to get started?

Finally start making the video content you need to grow your consulting business (or learn how to step up your video marketing game) in this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting with video expert, James Cooper.

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 0:00 Introduction to video marketing
  • 3:17 How James helped a consultant in health and wellness use video content to go from a good mid-six figure business to seven figures within a year
  • 5:45 The three big quicksand challenges consultants often have with using video
  • 7:33 Where to start with making video content for your audience
  • 8:30 Why it’s absolutely the right time for consultants to get started with video
  • 12:05 How to move through the high bar of being camera-ready as a woman
  • 15:37 My big tip for women who are creating video
  • 16:51 Following   when you feel creative and inspired
  • 19:05 Microcontent and its purpose for your business
  • 29:01 James’ top three tips to help you perform better on camera
  • 37:12 Giving big energy while remaining authentic
  • 43:22 Connecting to the movement you’re creating
  • 45:26 The best inexpensive camera to use (that you probably already have)
  • 47:33 The best microphone under $500
  • 50:08 Why James recommends lavalier mics
  • 51:33 The best, easy, inexpensive lighting for video

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