What I Wish I knew When Starting My Consulting Business

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What I Wish I Knew When Starting My Consulting Business

“Women need to claim our power. We need to prioritize leading and not just serving.”

Some people need to learn things the hard way. You might be surprised to hear I’m one of those people. :-\\ When I first started my consulting business, I made more than my share of mistakes. But it’s the lessons I’ve learned through those mistakes that have carried me – and my clients – through the challenges and into profitable, joyful consulting businesses.

In today’s episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting, I’m sharing what I wish I knew when I started my consulting business: lessons around making more money, how you should really look at marketing your brand, and the #1 way to get rid of competition. Plus, I’ll show you how to let your freak flag fly, because that weird, quirky, most outlandish stuff that’s true to you is exactly what your clients want.

Key points:

  • 01:45 Selling Offers
  • 03:49 Marketing Your Business
  • 06:58 Fire Your Control Freak
  • 12:06 Erasing the Competition
  • 14:55 Let Your Freak Flag Fly
  • 17:14 Work Like No One is Watching
  • 20:52 Getting Clear on Your Brand
  • 27:48 Trust the Universe