What If It Were Easy?

What If It Were Easy?

“If you’re willing to let go of the struggle and stop believing that everything has to be hard, then you can embrace easy and have a better time in your business.​​”

In the early years I was really struggling in my business. Struggling to grow, to figure out who I needed to work with. Struggling with just doing EVERYTHING in the business myself. And that struggle went on for years.

I knew the results I was getting were not aligned with what I wanted for my business. But then I heard a question that made my whole body relax and say, “Yes, please.”

Struggle looks different to different people and in this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting, I share the most common struggles consultants experience. More importantly, I will tell you the game-changing question that took me out of struggle once and for all, as well as three steps you can take today to turn that question into practical actions.

Key points:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:20 Common struggles for consultants
  • 04:10 The danger of staying in your “stress zone”
  • 07:02 Beliefs that serve you in adopting ease
  • 09:16 The role of passion and preparation in ease
  • 11:37 Reflect on a challenging experience that actually wasn’t
  • 12:55 Imagine unruly tasks in a new way
  • 13:51 The 6-word cure for overwhelm

You’ll have a more profitable, joyful consultancy when you stop believing that everything must be hard.



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