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B2B consultants...

Do you want to grow your business but you’re already

working as many hours as you possibly can?

Or maybe you’re frustrated, because you’ve outgrown your current clients.
You want to make a bigger impact – and earn more doing it.

It is possible to double your revenues without exhaustion, working with perfect clients on transformational engagements. You can build a profitable, joyful consultancy.

Case Studies: How We Get Clients Results

Cheryl Started at $3000/day and Now Sells Million-Dollar Engagements

Do you have to set up your business like all other consultants do? What about marketing – must it be the same as everyone’s? In this video Lean HR Consultant Cheryl Jekiel shares how she was able to forge her own unique path, create Signature Systems and work with million-dollar clients.

Kerry Crossed the $1M Mark During COVID

How do you leave behind hourly billing and burnout? Watch to see how IT Consultant Kerry Peters started selling high-ticket packages, including a $480,000 engagement – all while protecting her time and energy.

Patty Went from $3000/client to $240K Engagements

What do you need to stop doing – and start doing – to shift your business? Fractional CFO Patty Lawrence details the changes she’s made and the results she got.

Mike Sold $120,000 in New Business in Just 6 Weeks

Feel like you’re underpricing your services? IT Consultant Mike Mahony felt he was – by about 8 times! Mike shares how he found the confidence and clarity to up his prices and sell with confidence.

Case Studies : Client Challenges

Dani came out of HR at a Fortune 100 company. When we met, she was struggling to land clients for her $22,000 leadership training. No one seemed to get the value of her work, mostly because she kept talking with clients who were too small to need it.

Olivia’s consultancy was drowning in client work (yay?), which was ruining their efforts to hit their $1M goal. Even though the same issues and solutions repeated, every engagement was custom and took way too much time. Worst of all, they felt compelled to over-deliver, which wore them out and didn’t always make clients happier.

Sharon, an Organizational Development consultant for 20 years, called me after a $250K engagement ended. Once she paid all her subcontractors, there wasn’t a penny left for her. She wanted to review her next proposal with me. What I saw was complicated pricing, a focus on deliverables (not value or benefits), undercharging the client and overpaying her subs. She may have had a million-dollar business, but it wasn’t profitable. And it sure as heck wasn’t joyful.

In addition to those challenges,

consultants tend to have some common issues:

  • Being so busy with client work means marketing falls to the wayside, one of the big reasons they end up on the Revenue Roller Coaster.
  • They would love to offer higher 6-figure engagements, but how do they find those clients?
  • They lack the sales skills to communicate the value they bring. Sometimes It’s just easier to throw out a day rate like everyone else.
  • They end up delivering one-off, transactional projects that aren’t always profitable.
  • Overwork leads to exhaustion – and that means mistakes and bad decisions.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

The good news is

you do NOT have to choose between profit & joy.


You work exclusively with perfect clients; who say “YES!” to 6-figure transformational engagements.

Your team helps you deliver the work and supports back-office operations, freeing you up for creative and revenue-generating activities.

Predictable revenues flow in every month.

You feel aligned with the Universe, clear on your path, balanced, in the flow – and are earning more than ever while putting in fewer hours.

Working this way, Dani repackaged that $22,000 training nobody wanted into a transformational engagement for a client desperate to build skills in their sales team. They enthusiastically signed on for $198,500. Read the full case study here.
Olivia’s firm created a signature system that codified their work. That enabled them to promise specific outcomes and bring in subcontractors to free up principals from delivery so they could focus on growing the business. While they didn’t hit $1M that year, they opened capacity to do so in the future.
Sharon’s proposal added $400,000 to the new project and got a “yes” from the client within just 24 hours of her meeting with me. With a new structure for paying subs, we ensured $480,000 of the $800,000 came directly to her.

It happened for them and it’s possible for you.

Not everyone is up for the challenge. But you are.
My client said, “The Universe tells me I have a $2M business.”
Now we’re building it.

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