What’s Closest to the Money?

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What’s Closest to the Money?

“When you have someone who owes you money and the only obstacle is you providing an invoice or payment link, then THAT is your highest priority right now.”

You just returned to your office after a week away working on-site with clients.

You take one look at the “to-dos” waiting for you and feel overwhelmed with no idea where to begin.

That ☝️ happened to one of my clients. And she asked for my help isolating what to prioritize at that moment in her business.

So I created a framework called “What’s closest to the money?” to help her (and all of my clients) feel productive and revenue-generating by focusing on – you guessed it – the tasks that would bring money quickly into the business.

It’s a framework I use daily and is one you can use when you feel like you’re unfocused or when you’re financially stressed. (And keep in mind money stress is less about how much you’re actually earning – and more about your fluctuating money thermostat.)

This episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting will help you determine what to work on in your business so you feel both productive and better financially. And because I don’t want you floundering in work that isn’t revenue-generating, I also share some “far from the money” tasks that disguise themselves as money-making.

Key points:

  • 0:00 Introduction 
  • 02:16 How to get “stuck money” moving to your bank account
  • 03:44 Don’t fall for this (it’s not a commitment)
  • 05:44 Ways to generate revenue quickly
  • 07:05 Make a habit of doing these activities
  • 09:29 Avoid rabbit-hole comfort zones
  • 10:06 When to put on your own oxygen mask
  • 11:09 Minimize these time-sucking tasks
  • 11:58 Bonus: Once you’ve done all of the above, do this

Get out of overwhelm and into productive money-making quickly when you implement the “What’s closest to the money?” framework outlined in this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting.