What’s My Brand Identity?

What’s My Brand Identity?

“The differentiator is you. Communicate a clear message for your people and you’re going to have all the business you need.”

The most consequential question for you as a business owner is: What do you want to be known for or known as in your business?

The answer is the foundational piece from which your brand identity will emerge.

And while it may seem backward, it’s important that you first have clients before you create your brand.


Because your clients show you who is attracted to your work. You hear how they talk about you. How they introduce you to other people. And the language your clients use becomes the basis for your brand language.

Brand work can be complicated, which is why I held nothing back as I unpacked the process of creating your brand identity (and marketing message) in this ep of Profitable Joyful Consulting.

Key points:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 04:14 The conversations you must have with your clients
  • 05:40 Where you’ll find the value of your service
  • 07:06 Why doing brand work too soon leaves you guessing
  • 07:56 When wordsmithing is a good thing
  • 10:57 How to teach your clients who you are
  • 13:03 Put your brand into client-attracting language
  • 19:05 The best differentiator for your business
  • 20:49 How to avoid recreating your brand
  • 22:06 Don’t make people relearn your brand every 5 minutes

Wherever you are in your consulting journey, don’t miss this episode of Profitable Joyful Consulting to discover how to create your brand with intentionality.