Women’s Vocal Patterns That Kill Sales

Women’s Vocal Patterns That Kill Sales

with Tracy Goodwin

“By the time women are 12 years old, they have been completely trained with, ‘Say whatever you want to say, but don’t upset anybody and be nice.’” – Tracy Goodwin 

Women are programmed to be nice and quiet, to ask permission, to be tentative, to make all these sounds that make a person go, “Nope, I don’t want to listen to her.” We’re often stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to using our voices and expressing ourselves fully.

If you ask this episode’s guest, Voice Coach & Communication Consultant Tracy Goodwin, we have to start on the inside to change all those stories, to change the foundation that was given to us that we never asked for. That’s how we start to bring our real, authentic selves through in our lives and businesses to build more genuine connections, own what we’re putting out there, be more seen and heard, and get more clients.

Tune in to this episode of the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast to learn how to be a more effective and captivating communicator – and increase sales! – by working with your voice (and voice stories).

Key areas discussed in this episode

  • 00:34 Introduction
  • 05:42 Key challenges women experience related to using their voice
  • 08:40 How Tracy helped a client who was already doing webinars and presentations figure out her voice stories and work with them to let her real authenticity come through
  • 14:28 Ways women experience voice issues in their personal and professional lives What the research says about voice and money
  • 27:07 The five elements of powerful vocals
  • 34:12 What to shift in your voice to make sales easier
  • 41:27 How Tracy learned to give people better feedback about voice as a former people pleaser
  • 45:38 Speaking in ways that show who you really are
  • 50:19 Who Tracy works with



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